About the Symposium

Thanks to generous contributions from the American Studies Center and the University of Warsaw Students’ Union, 4 MA students from the ASC and their supervisor prof. Tomasz Basiuk had the opportunity to participate in the 16th Transatlantic Symposium in New York. The 2018 edition of the symposium, co-organized by Humboldt University in Berlin, Oregon State University, and University of Warsaw, took place between March 24 and 31 and consisted of a study trip and a conference, both exploring the topic of this year’s symposium: “Challenges to Transatlanticism in the 21st Century: Re-Envisioning the Transatlantic Relationship.”  Each student presented a paper at the conference. The trip was a unique occasion to meet young scholars from both sides of the Atlantic and discuss the most significant topics pertaining to contemporary politics, society, and culture. The program of the visit was specifically designed to engage with New York as a site of conflicting social, political, and historical interests as much as a global diplomatic capital.

All photos courtesy of Ewa Pilkiewicz and Nadja Riegler


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